Amps and Instruments

TELEFUNKEN Studios is fully equipped with wide variety of premium instruments and amplifiers from manufacturers like DW Drums, Supro USA, Benson Amps, Fender, Ampeg, Mesa Boogies, Groove Tubes, Zildjian, and many more.

Drums and Percussion

DW 6 piece Performance Series kit

•Kick 18x22
•Snare 5 1⁄2” x 14”
•Rack 1 8x10
•Rack 2 9x12
•Floor tom 1 12x14
•Floor tom 2 14x16
•DW 5000 pedal and hat stand
•3 cymbal stands
•Assorted hardware
•Assorted aux percussion

Amps and Cabs

•Benson Gnostic Bass Amp
•Fender Twin Reverb
•Supro Black Magick 1695T
•Mesa traditional recto cab with vintage 30s and c90s in an “X” configuration
•Mojave Plexi 45 w/ 2x12 cab
•Ampeg B-15N (bass amplifier)
•Fender Bassman with dual 15 cab (bass amplifier)