TELEFUNKEN Studios offers a large selection of premium professional audio equipment, including microphones, preamplifiers, equalizers, compression, amplifiers, monitor speakers and instruments.



•API 1608
•Rupert Neve Design 5059 Satellite 16×4 Summing Mixer


•Genelec 8250 (Calibrated)
•Yamaha NS10 (With Hafler amp)

Dynamics & EQ Processing

•Neve 2254/E x2
•AMEK 9098 Stereo Compressor
•API 2500 Stereo Buss Compressor
•Smart C1 two-channel Buss Compressor
•Empirical Labs Distressor Compressor x 2
•DBX 160VU Compressor x 2
•Universal Audio 1176 Compressor x 2
•Universal Audio LA-2A Compressor x 2
•Arsenal Audio EQ-R24 two-channel EQ
•GML 8200 two-channel EQ

Pre Amplifiers

•Neve 1083 x6
•Neve 1073 x3
•Neve 1079 x2
•Neve 33140 x10
•TELEFUNKEN V72 Tube Mic Pre x 4
•BAE Audio 1073MPF x6
•LaChapelle Audio two-channel Tube Mic Pre (Custom)
•Wunder Audio PEQ1 Mic Pre/EQ x 2 (Custom)
•Grace 201 two-channel Mic Pre
•Grace 801 eight-channel Mic Pre

Reverb & Delay Processing

•Lexicon PCM42 Digital Delay x 2
•Lexicon PCM80 Digital Reverb
•Roland Dimension-D
•Lexicon 480L with LARC

Floating Gear

•API Lunchbox 4 Space rack
•API Lunchbox 6 space rack
•API 550A 3-band EQ x 6
•API 560 10-band
•Telefunken V52 mic pre
•DBX 160X compressor
•Drawmer DS201 Gate x2


Large Diaphragm Condensers

•Telefunken ELA M 251
•Telefunken ELA M 251E
•Telefunken ELA M 250
•Telefunken ELA M 250 E
•Telefunken U47
•Telefunken U48
•Telefunken C12
•Telefunken AR-51 x3
•Telefunken AK47 x3
•Telefunken CU-29 x2
•Telefunken AR-70 Stereo
•Neumann U47
•Neumann U67
•Neumann U87ai
•Neumann M49 x2
•Neumann FET 47
•Neumann TLM 103 x2
•Neumann KM-66 x2
•Brauner VM1S
•Brauner Phantom x2
•Bock 507
•Octava MK-219
•AKG C24 Stereo
•AKG 414EB x2
•AKG C12A x2
•Sony C57 x2


•Telefunken M80 x6
•Telefunken M81 x6
•Telefunken M80 SH x2
•Telefunken M81 SH x7
•Telefunken M82 x4
•Sennheiser 441 x3
•Sennheiser 421 (Black) x3
•Sennheiser 421 (White) x2
•Sennheiser MD 409 x2
•Electrovoice RE-20
•Electrovoice 666 x2
•Shure SM57 x3
•Shure SM58 x2
•Shure SM BETA 57A x2
•Shure SM5B
•Shure Unidyne 3
•Beyerdynamic M88 TG
•Dynacord DD800 x2
•AKG D112
•AKG D20
•AKG D224E
•Northern Electric 633A

Small Diaphragm Condensers

•Telefunken M60 FET x7 (Card, Hypercardioid, Omni)
•Telefunken ELA M 260 x8 (Card, Hypercardioid, Omni)
•AKG 451EB
•AKG 451 E x2
•AKG C60
•Neumann KM-84
•Shure SM-81 x2
•Cascade M37
•PML DC73 x4 

Ribbon Microphones

•Telefunken RM5C x2
•RCA 44A x2
•RCA 44BX x2
•Royer 121 x2
•Beyerdynamic M500 x2

Amps and Instruments

Drums and Percussion

DW 6 piece Performance Series kit
•Kick 18×22
•Snare 5 1⁄2” x 14”
•Rack 1 8×10
•Rack 2 9×12
•Floor tom 1 12×14
•Floor tom 2 14×16
•DW 5000 pedal and hat stand
•3 cymbal stands
•Assorted hardware
•Assorted aux percussion

Amps and Cabs

•Benson Gnostic Bass Amp
•Fender Twin Reverb
•Supro Black Magick 1695T
•Mesa traditional recto cab
with vintage 30s and c90s in an “X” configuration
•Mojave Plexi 45 w/ 2×12 cab
•Ampeg B-15N (bass amplifier)
•Fender Bassman
with dual 15 cab (bass amplifier)